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OUR QUEST Were passionate about gin. Its this passion that has fuelled our fervent desire to develop a perfectly balanced, elegantly understated English gin for the discerning, sophisticated consumer. Eight secret botanicals have been scientifically and lovingly hand crafted & distilled to create a smooth, lingering and yet robust flavour profile unique to Langleys No.8. The split & blend of botanicals, the selection of grain spirit and the alcohol strength were the key components we had to perfect for that balance to deliver a classic, timeless Old English style gin. THE TEAM With over 40 years experience in premium spirits, we know a thing or two about creating superb products that wont disappoint. To help us create the perfect balance of talents, we approached and recruited the right team: Our Master Distiller - His care and attention is indispensible. Our Distillery Director - A leading expert on gin who sits on competition judging panels. Our blenders and bottlers - With several generations and centuries of producing gin, they are respected & renowned across the gin world. THE DISTILLERY Langleys Distillery was founded almost a century ago by the Palmer family, who still own it today. Here they have been developing and producing some of the finest award-winning gins in the world since 1920. To make Langley’s No. 8 we use “Connie, an English produced small copper pot still made in 1960 by John Dore & Co (the oldest pot still producers in the world). This enables consistent, small batch distillation for the optimum quality. Traditional methods, family values and generations of experience go into every small batch produced, hand-crafted bottle of Langley’s No.8 gin. THE BOTANICALS The first crucial part of our quest; which botanicals, how many and the balance of them? This needed perfecting to get that classic flavour profile. Were proud to have created a truly bespoke gin as a result of the perfect balance of 8 secret botanicals. THE DISTILLATION As any true gin aficionado knows, the distillation process is incredibly important to achieving taste perfection. Using a single distillation in the smallest pot still that we could possibly use and adding no cosmetic botanicals or additional flavouring during or after the distillation, the resulting product is a pure, premium gin that were proud of. THE FLAVOURS Langleys No.8 delivers to the senses spice, aroma and zesty sweetness. These harmoniously complement each other for a marriage of flavours that dance on the tongue with enticingly pleasing drying length on the palate as it is savoured, collectively delivering a big balanced gin. THE BLEND Creating a smooth gin that consistently delivers on flavour in each and every bottle is a true science. Blending the botanicals with the best grain spirit is the crucial next stage. We could have sourced our grain from anywhere, but we were passionate that our gin should be as quintessentially English as possible, thus we only ever use 100% English grain spirit. This delivers a more neutral, consistent profile, enabling the true flavours to come through. Langleys No.8s blend of complex and rounded flavours makes it the perfect gin for a quintessentially English G&T or a Gentlemans Martini. THE STRENGTH The final element for the perfect balance was to get the strength to deliver that anticipated balance whilst still allowing the classic notes of the botanicals to come through. We tested every ABV percentage decimal point between 40% - 45% to determine which would give enough balance of alcohol without overpowering the gin, thus ensuring that the true flavours we were striving for came through, either when drunk on its own or mixed. After testing 12 different samples selected with our team of experts (including our tasting panel and consumer research panel) we concluded that the 8th batch (at 41.7% ABV) was the finest. This was selected as our final gin and the one to take forward, produce and take to market. And the rest, as they say, is history.
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Langley's Gin No.8  750ml     
Langleys No.8 is a unique gin made with our own ... click for more details
Sku: 1940103  
Reg. $36.45
On Sale $30.78
19% discount on 6 bottles for $178.20

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